Fantasy fightgard!

2016-02-21 13:51:20 by Leezone

man does it ever take a long time to make a cartoon... ohh well back to the grindstone..





2013-03-18 00:51:08 by Leezone

Hey guys, sorry I havn't been around in a while. I moved and started working on the show sidekick! andways, hopefully I can get back into finishing that Ghostfinger cartoon.



Just tell yourself

2011-10-01 14:17:35 by Leezone

One milestone at a time until you finish, nd you'll get there eventually!

man I love makin cartoons,

2011-09-21 21:24:04 by Leezone

Yes it's true,
I love making cartoons for sure, the super secret project I'm working on right now is sooooo fun you have no idea, its waaay more fun than working for tv. well except working for tv makes me more money. Maybe I'll find a way o make cartoons I like AND make money... one can only hope..


New to Newgrounds

2011-03-24 11:08:09 by Leezone

Hey everyones! I'm really excited to start posting my cartoons up on here so prepare your brains for razle dazzle.. or something like that,